YMCA Camp Bernie’s Overnight Camp is a traditional, co-ed program for kids entering grades 2-10. Campers are grouped into Units by gender and age, with each Unit divided into cabins composed of 8-10 campers and 2-3 counselors. Our traditions and camp spirit unite our overall camp community as campers are engaged in instructional activities, structured free play and memorable all-camp events each session.

Resilience Building

Today’s children face more stressful situations than we can imagine. Kids often react by indulging in unhealthy behaviors. As parents and childcare providers, we feel the need to protect them, but we must remember that our goal is to prepare them to be happy and productive adults. YMCA Camp Bernie focuses on helping campers to build the 7 Cs: competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control in order to better deal with stressful situations. Together we can raise successful children who will make their unique and substantial contributions to the world.

A group of kids in green shirts playing tug of war.


Campers are grouped by gender and grade level to provide optimal living and learning experiences in a safe, supportive environment. Lodges and cabins are equipped with bunk style beds, storage areas, indoor toilets and showers. All cabins have interior fireplaces and/or exterior fire pits for evening cabin activities. Older boys (grades 7-10) reside in the Nation, a more rustic, natural environment with screened wooden cabins and a central bath house.

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Add-On Programs

Dates & Rates

Date Theme 2021 Earlybird Rate 2021 Rate
6/27-7/9 Session: 13A Tier 1 $1900, Tier 2 $1850, Tier 3 $1800 TBD


Session: 13B Tier 1 $1900, Tier 2 $1850, Tier 3 $1800 TBD


Session: 13C Tier 1 $1900, Tier 2 $1850, Tier 3 $1800 TBD
8/8-8/20 Session: 13D Tier 1 $1900, Tier 2 $1850, Tier 3 $1800 TBD
Date Theme 2021 Rate
June 20-June 25 Try It Week Tier 1 $925, Tier 2 $900, Tier 3 $875
June 27-July 4 TBD
Session: 7A1
Tier 1 $1,025, Tier 2 $1,000, Tier 3 $975
July 11-18 TBD
Session: 7B1
Tier 1 $1,025, Tier 2 $1,000, Tier 3 $975

July 25 - August 1

Color Wars: TBD
Session 7C1
Tier 1 $1,025, Tier 2 $1,000, Tier 3 $975
August 8 – 15 TBD
Session 7D1
Tier 1 $1,025, Tier 2 $1,000, Tier 3 $975
Date Theme 2021 Rate
June 20 - 25 Ranch Camp Tier 1 $1,025, Tier 2 $1,000, Tier 3 $975

August 1 - 6

Camp Hero
Session: 6C2
Tier 1 $1,025, Tier 2 $1,000, Tier 3 $975
August 15 - 20 Camp Survive
Session: 6D2
Tier 1 $1,025, Tier 2 $1,000, Tier 3 $975

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The dessert of the camp session! If you’re signed up for multiple sessions, you can stay through the weekend and have the camp all to yourself! Holdover is also a great late pick-up option for families who have difficulty getting to camp on the scheduled Friday. Specialized activities, meals and even off-camp trips or on-site entertainment is included.

Please note: holdover can be added on to the end of a session for parents who prefer a Sunday pickup, however, holdover cannot be the beginning of your camp sessions.

Session Date Trip/Event 2021 Rate
Session A to B 7/9-7/11 TBD TBD
Session B to C 7/23-7/25 TBD TBD
Session C to D 8/6-8/8 TBD TBD


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my child be grouped with his/her friend?

    We accept one request per camper and both children must request each other. With an age gap, the older child must agree to move down to the younger group. We do not allow multiple requests as this can lead to cliques and some kids feeling excluded.

  • What do you do to make first-time campers feel comfortable?

    We help the children make new friends through cabin chats and team building exercises. Additionally, we call parents/guardians within 48 hours of a first-time overnight camper’s arrival.

  • What are the qualifications of your staff?

    Eighty percent of counselors are 18 or over, mostly college students. Seventeen-year-old JCs are paired with a Senior Counselor in Overnight Camp and lead younger groups in Day Camp. Counselors are interviewed, have a minimum of three references checked and clear a Criminal Background Screening. Specialty staff members carry certifications relevant to their program areas. On average, one third of our counselors were campers at YMCA Camp Bernie helping them to relate to the children attending camp.

  • What is the Trading Post?

    This is our camp store with snacks, drinks, clothing items and souvenirs. We carry a supply of toiletry items that campers may have forgotten. Campers visit the Trading Post on a daily basis.

  • What are your medical procedures?

    A licensed RN, LPN or EMT is on property 24/7. There are regular call times and medication is stored and administered by the Nurse. Hackettstown Regional Medical Center is 20 minutes from Camp. Many staff members are certified in Basic First Aid and AED/CPR.

  • What do you do on rainy days?

    If it is moderate, we run our regular program; campers will need rain gear. For heavy rain, we run special, pre-planned indoor activities. During a thunderstorm, all campers and staff will immediately be brought indoors.

  • How do I contact my child?

    Parents can send e-mails via their online accounts; these are delivered to the campers daily. We also encourage parents to send traditional letters. We do not allow cell phones, as in our experience, phone conversations lead to increased homesickness.

  • What are the bus pick-up and drop-off times/locations?

    The Overnight bus from the Ridgewood YMCA checks in at 12:00 p.m., with a departure of 12:30 p.m. On closing days, the bus departs Camp at 10:30 a.m., arriving at the Ridgewood YMCA at 12:00 p.m.

  • Why are there tiered prices for camp?

    The basic idea behind tiered pricing is it gives families the freedom to choose a camp fee that fits their financial situation.

    The summer camp experience is the same for every camper, regardless of which price tier is chosen.

    Most camps use a three-tier system and the tiers recognize that some families are able to pay the full cost of camp, while others have the freedom to choose a subsidized cost without having to fill out any forms.

    The typical explanation goes something like:

    Tier 1 (highest price) the full cost of camp

    Tier 2 (middle price) partially subsidized fee

    Tier 3 (lowest price) fully subsidized fee

    The majority of camps, including Camp Bernie, are now receiving significantly less in the form of subsidies. Rather than substantially raise prices on all families, tiered pricing essentially asks families with greater financial means to subsidize those who can’t pay the full cost of camp.

    We also offer additional scholarships for campers who need greater financial assistance.

    You might think that everyone will choose the lowest tier, but the experience of most camps is that they get a surprising number of families who choose the middle or high tier.

    Tiered pricing helps us to respond to changing economic conditions while giving families the chance to pick the option that works for them.

  • Will one-week overnight campers be in separate cabins from two-week campers?

    No, one-week campers will be placed with two-week campers in the same cabins. They will be starting camp on the same day and time, receiving the same first day orientation as two-week campers.

  • Can one-week campers decide to stay for a second week?

    Yes! We will be in contact with parents should a one-week camper express interest in staying for the full session.

  • Can one-week overnight campers sign up for add-on programs?

    They are eligible for regular horseback riding and dirt biking. They can only register for one of these two specialties, however. 

  • Where do campers shower and use the bathroom?

    Most campers will stay in cabins with full bathrooms and showers inside the cabin. Older boys, grades 7-10, stay in the rustic Nation area with a central bathhouse serving the entire unit.

  • Do campers pick their own activities?

    Campers sign up for their "free choice" progressive activities. These sign-ups take place during orientation on the first day of camp. Cabin activity periods are pre-scheduled by our staff and campers rotate through activities with their cabin mates during these blocks.

  • Swim Lesson Question: If my child doesn’t want to swim how do you handle it?

    It is the philosophy of the YMCA for safety purposes that all children should learn how to swim. Within the first 24 hours at camp all campers have a swim check to determine their ability to swim. Campers in grades 2-6 will be placed in an appropriate YMCA swim lesson class. For safety purposes, and in the interest of ensuring a positive teaching environment for all campers, if a camper is uncomfortable in the water or misbehaving they will sit out of the pool on the bench on the pool deck.

  • What happens to my unspent Trading Post money?

    You have three options for any unspent Trading Post money:

    1. Do nothing - the money will be kept as a credit in your Trading Post account for your next session or event at camp.

    2. Donate - send an email to info@campbernieymca.org and let us know you'd like to donate your unused Tranding Post money to our scholarship fund to allow children to have a magical camp experience who otherwise would not have been able to.

    3. Request a Refund - send an email to info@campbernieymca.org and let us know you'd like your money refunded and we will process your request.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We do not give refunds after June 1.