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YMCA Camp Bernie’s Counselor-In-Training program provides teenagers with exciting opportunities to build character and self-esteem. Participants develop communication and leadership skills through team-building exercises and hands-on training with staff members in our program areas and cabins. Successful completion of a YMCA Camp Bernie leadership program is an outstanding accomplishment for teenagers to list on job and college applications, and is a wonderful first step in seeking employment as a counselor at our camp in future summers.

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Also available in 2021 is our groundbreaking "CIT 2" program.  This is designed especially for those who would have been CITs in the summer of 2020.  We wanted to ensure that this group still gets the opportunity to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  This program is completely separate from the 2021 CIT program, but will also have similarities in structure.  We will offer opportunities for certifications, training, shadowing, leading CIT Sunday activities, bonding events, and lots of other opportunities to create magical memories.

Download the CIT 2 Application Form  Please note - if you completed your CIT application for summer 2020, you do NOT need to complete this new form.  For more info email Ally


This experience guides kids entering Grade 11 through the transition into becoming future camp counselors, while still enjoying the fun and excitement of being a camper. Our CITs play a significant role in leading our spirited and caring camper community, and we teach them the best practices of successful camp counselors. Enrollment in this program is limited and requires an application and interview.


One CIT Director and two CIT Counselors are handpicked to facilitate this program and mentor the CITs.  They are pre-screened and trained role models who teach and exemplify the values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.


There are four sections of the CIT program: Training, Certification, Service and Shadowing. CITs will be given the opportunity to become certified American Red Cross Lifeguards, attend counselor training sessions, venture out on an off-site service project trip and shadow counselors in cabins and program staff at activity areas. CITs also lead all of camp during our “CIT Sundays,” including running an activity that they design themselves.

Camp counselors posing on a staircase outdoors.

Available Sessions

Sessions Dates 2021 Rates
Session AB June 27th - 9th
& July 11th - 23rd
Tier 1 $2750, Tier 2 $2500,
Tier 3 $2250
CIT 2 Session AB June 27th - 9th
& July 11th - 23rd
Tier 1 $2750, Tier 2 $2500,
Tier 3 $2250
Session CD July 25th - August 6th
& August 8th - 20th
Tier 1 $2750, Tier 2 $2500,
Tier 3 $2250


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