Youth Leadership Weekend

This weekend is a great opportunity to work on leaderships skills and learn more about Camp Bernie's Summer Programs. This program is open to those currently in 10th & 11th grade. 

March 5-6, 2022 

$50pp all inclusive

Sample Scheudle 


1:00 Arrival and Settle into cabins

1:30 Teambuilding

2:15 Intro to Leadership

3:45 Activity Development/Scenarios

4:45 Evening Activity Prep 

6:00 Dinner             

7:00 Basic Work Ethics

8:00 Participant led programs

9:00 Rumination, debrief
10:00  All Campers in Cabins   



7:30  Pack & clean cabins

8:00  Breakfast

9:00 Letters to new campers/Interviews        

11:30 Wrap-up/Q&A
12:00   Lunch

1:00   Pick up from Dining Hall