COVID-19 Procedures for YMCA Camp Bernie

Participant Health 

Health Checks: Prior to entry, our staff will conduct a temperature check of each participant. Anyone displaying a temperature over 100.4 `F will not be allowed on the property and will be directed to appropriate medical care. During the Health Check participants will be asked a series of questions about their current health status and if they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.  

Physical Distancing: Participants will be asked to maintain six feet from those not in their group whenever possible. All indoor spaces will comply with local or state-mandated occupancy limits. 

Face Coverings: All participants will be encouraged to wear a mask respective to CDC social distancing guidelines. Appropriate signage will be displayed outlining proper mask usage and current physical distancing practices through camp. 

Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer dispensers are located at check-in and in high contact areas. Participants will be asked to use sanitizer especially upon arrival and prior/after meals. 

Public Signage: There will be signage on how and when to wash/sanitize hands, coughing etiquette, mask, and physical distancing requirements in designated situations. 

Employee & Guest Health Concerns: Before each shift, staff members have their temperature taken. Staff is advised to stay home if they are not feeling well and to communicate with their supervisor any COVID-19 like symptoms.  

Case Notification: If any participant or staff on-site tests positive for COVID-19, all participants on-site or in the program will be notified via email. Anyone identified as coming in direct contact with the individual will be further notified and asked to quarantine.

Employee Protocols 

Hand Washing: All employees have been instructed to wash their hands, or use hand sanitizer when a sink is not available, after using the bathroom, sneezing, touching the face, blowing the nose, cleaning, smoking, eating, drinking, entering and leaving program space, or starting a shift.  

COVID-19 Training: All employees have received training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols in accordance with their specific role. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  Appropriate PPE will be worn by all employees based on their job responsibilities and role. 

Cleaning Protocols 

Cleaning Supplies: Our maintenance team uses cleaning products and protocols which meet EPA guidelines and are approved to be effective against COVID-19 in addition to other viruses, bacteria, and other types of pathogens. 

Cabins: Cabins are cleaned, disinfected, and fogged prior to the arrival of groups with cleaning products that meet EPA guidelines. 

Program Equipment / Supplies: All shared supplies will be cleaned & disinfected as directed by CDC and manufacturer guidelines. This includes the use of soap & water and disinfectant wipes & sprays. 

Cleaning Supplies: Our maintenance team uses cleaning products and protocols which meet EPA guidelines and are approved to be effective against COVID-19 in addition to other viruses, bacteria

Programmatic Modifications: 

Activity Modifications: You might notice slight changes in how we teach our programs. We are doing our best to encourage social distancing and limiting the amount of shared equipment. Please note our instructors might ask you to sanitize your hands before and after an activity if the equipment has been shared. Our instructors will only be doing ASEs that allow for the group to be socially distanced and there will be no activities that require touching hands until further notice.   

Sleeping Arrangements:  Guests will be encouraged to sleep minimally 6ft apart and the beds that are being utilized will be marked with what direction the guest should sleep in. 

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