A group working together to help one person balance on a rope.

Teambuilding is the number one reason most groups come to YMCA Camp Bernie— with intentional choices, everything from our activities and our meal routines are designed to maximize cohesion and collaboration. Below are our suggested classes to tap into the wealth that Camp Bernie has to offer.

Action Socialization Experience

The cornerstone of our team building and bonding experience is our ASE classes. These combine portable activities and stationary ones within the woods— both of which are facilitated and debriefed by our trained and experienced instructors. Our staff provide personal experiences tailored you your group’s skill, ability, dynamics, and overall goals. In an average class, an instructor will gauge where your group’s ability to work together lies with a handful of warm up games in order to get everyone acclimated to not only each other, but to Camp Bernie as well! After these warm up games, you’ll head into the woods, where exciting challenges await your team— each element is part of a larger story that your team must progress through— how will you escape off of a deserted island? How will you get through a looming spider’s snaring web? The answer is together, of course!

Girl in a bright green hat on a ropes course.

Low Ropes

YMCA Camp Bernie currently offers not only one, but two low ropes courses on our grounds, with a third one forthcoming! These courses each feature roughly a dozen individual elements that all range from 2-6 feet off of the ground! Before the class begins, our instructors lead an extensive safety demonstration, wherein we explain and teach proper emotional and physical spotting of fellow teammates. This is a perfect class for those looking to build memories and trust quickly between team members!

High Ropes

A notable aspect of Camp Bernie is how we incorporate collaboration into our activities! Every single element we offer can include an element of teambuilding through team belays and pull teams! With these options we allow participants to have a hands-on role in getting their teammates to face new heights and grow through individually set challenges. By pushing peer groups to assist in each individual’s accomplishments, everyone achieves success together and our groups begin to achieve their overall goals.

A girl swinging high in the air.


Our accommodations offer many opportunities for groups to bond through shared quarters—our variety of cabins fit groups of all shapes and sizes, allowing for integration or separation as needed.

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Sample Schedule


Time Activity
6:00-7:00p Arrival & Orientation
7:00-8:00p Settle into Cabins
8:00-9:00p Evening Activity
9:00-10:00p Free Time in Cabins
10:00p Quiet Hours Begin


Time Activity
7:45a Waiters to Dining Hall
8:00-9:00a Breakfast
9:00-10:30a Activity 1
10:30-10:45a Bathroom/Water Break
10:45a-12:15p Activity 2
12:15p Waiters to Dining Hall
12:30-1:30p Lunch
1:30-3:00p Activity 3
3:00-3:15p Bathroom/Water Break
3:15-4:45p Activity 4
4:45-5:45p Cabin/Court Time
5:45p Waiters to Dining Hall
6:00-7:00p Dinner
7:00-8:00p Cabin/Court Time
8:00-9:00p Campfire
9:00-10:00p Free Time in Cabins
10:00-11:00p Quiet Hours Begin


Time Activity
7:30a Pack Up Cabins
7:45a Waiters to Dining Hall
8:00-9:00a Breakfast
9:00-10:30a Activity 5
10:30-10:45a Bathroom/Water Break
10:45a-12:15p Activity 6
12:15p Waiters to Dining Hall
12:30-1:30p Lunch
1:30p Departure