The YMCA Camp Bernie staff team is committed to delivering our mission driven programs and offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Should you wish to be considered for employment, please check current listings in each category. We have part-time, full-time and seasonal positions in our organization.


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Current Full Time Position Vacancies  

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Advantage Care Director - must be 21 with Bachelor's degree

Assistant Group Coordinator - live on-site

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Fall/Spring Positions  - Apply Now

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Summer Positions  - Apply Now

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Day Camp Positions

Day Camp Unit Leaders - over 21, local

Day Camp Senior Counselors - over 18, local


Overnight Camp Positions

Overnight Camp Unit Leadersover 21, live on-site

Overnight Camp Head Counselors - over 18, live on-site

Overnight Senior Counselors - over 18, live on-site

Health Officer - over 21, live on-site


Program Positions

Program Specialists – General - over 21, local or on-site

Instructors – Dirtbikes, Natureover 18, live on-site


Support Positions

Volunteer Positions

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To apply for a position, select “Add New Position”, select the desired season, desired position(s), and enter your references.  Click “Employment Application” to complete the application process or Click Here to download our job application for all positions.

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