Memorial Day Family Camp

May 26th- May 29th

By royal degree of the Queen of Hearts, you have been invited to fall down the rabbit hole to YMCA Camp Bernie!

Celebrate your un-birthday at camp where you can discover the madness of a place where you don’t have to go to work, don’t have to decide what to cook for dinner, don’t have to clean your room or make your bed; a place where you can have fun and act like a kid!

Join us in Wonderland this Memorial Day for a long weekend filled with camp activites, themed games and crafts, and some maddness along the way. 

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Arrival will begin at 7:00 PM on Friday with a departure time of 1:00 PM on Monday. Program fee includes lodging, meals, and all camp-run programs.

2023 Rates 

  • $185 per person age 12 & up
  • $145 per person under 12
  • $50 per person under 5

For any questions about Memorial Day Family Camp please contact HannahKate Grobin at (908) 832-5315 or via email at